Saturday, November 30, 2013

Apivita haul + mini review !

   So i decided to make a  fresh start with my blog!!!! I revamped it a bit by changing the header and playing with the way the tamplate looks, hopefully it turned out great!!Sometimes I get in those moods that I really miss my blog , I mean I remember how much i used to love blogging and how much my blog meant to me!!! I don't know why i stopped, I guess i grew up. I was 15 when i started blogging back in 2009 , it's been almost 5 years since  and I have changed so much!!! I realized that by looking at my old posts which by the way are soooo bad as well as hilarious!! Anywaaaay long story short I made a goal with my self to start blogging again, and will see how that goes!
    For this post i'm gonna share with you some products that i recently purchased from Apivita!!! Apivita is an amazing greek brand with mainly beauty products that are organic and most of them have 100% natural ingridients!!!I'm also gonna do a mini review on the products!!!

     I bought all the products from an online pharmacy store.Unfortunately it only ships in Greece!!! If your interested the eshop is called inatural and they currently have a 40% discount on all Apivita products!!!

Apivita cleansing - purifying tonic lotion for oily/combination skin !   98% natural ingredients
  This was my first time trying this product and so far I love it! I use it as toner on my face about once or twice a day. The thing  I love most about it is that the propolis offers a mild antiseptic action that helps with my acne! Also the scent is awsome it smells really citrusy and fresh! Overall this product does a really good job at removing  dirt and excess oil without drying my skin.
    Also I want to mention that this product is paraben free, mineral oil free, silicone free, propylene glycol free !!!! and the water is replaced by organic green tea infusion!!

Apivita body energy - energizing body milk with orange & ginger    91% natural ingredients
   This was my first time trying this product as well!!!First of all I wanna talk about the scent and how freaking awsome it is, the orange is not overpowering at all(which i really appreciate since I'm not the hugest orange fun) and with the ginger it has a refreshing but at the same time warm and causy feeling!! ok this may sound weird but also the scent kinda reminds me of the Haribo Happy Cola candy, I used to be obssesed with them as a kid and shhh but I still really like them! Now about the lotion I love how light it feels and how fast my skin absorbs it!!! Though if you have really dry skin you may need something heavier like a body butter!!
   Also this is paraben free, silicone free, propylene glycol free, mineral oil free,  ethanolamine free ! water is replaced by organic hamamelis ifusion.

Apivita intimate daily - gentle cleansing gel for the intimate area for daily use with chamomile & propolis   91% natural ingredients
    Well not much to say about this product besides the fact that this is amazing and I've being using it for years!!!! Got to take care of our hoo-ha!!!
     This is soap free, paraben free, silicone free, propylene glycol free, ethanolamine free ! water is replaced by organic chamomile infusion.

Apivita face scrub with olive - deep exfoliating cream with olive   87% natural ingredients
   Again this is a repurchase for me and I got to say this is one of my all time favourite products!!I love exfoliating and this makes my skin feel so smooth and clean, I use it mostly twice a week!I also really really like the scent! Though I would't recommend it to anyone that suffers from a lot of acne as it can be pretty harsh on the skin!
    paraben, silicone, propylene glycol free !

Energy organic herbal tea - with rose hip, cardamom & cinnamon
   And last but not least, I'm a tea lover, I wanted to try one of their teas for a while I always just thought they were a little bit too expensive for a tea but since the site had a 40% discount I couldn't resist!!!The tea is pretty good, if you are a fun of cardamom and really herbally teas you're gonna like it! 

I hope you liked my post and in any way found it helpfull!! 

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